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Gastronomie au Québec

My day in Old Québec City was one of the highlights of the whole Québec trip.

The perfect way to explore this historical, vibrant, and elegant neighborhood is definitely through its très très délicieuse food!

Moments of my trip:


Breakfast- Street side cafe in Palace d'Armes

The city was still asleep on an early Saturday morning. As I hunted for restaurants that are open and not too empty, I randomly walked into this aesthetic street side cafe. A warm & crispy waffle with maple syrup and (unpictured) coffee is the perfect way to start the morning here. After endless seconds of people watching and pretending to be French, I was finally ready to start the day!


Lunch- La Buche

The day turned out to be super windy and I was almost frozen from the cold (I know its summer but it's Canada what do you expect). These classic Quebecois comfort dishes- Beet salad, shepherd's pie, and flakey crusted meat pie, were the best way to warm me up. Beet salad was somewhat generic, but nevertheless still a refreshing appetizer. The two pies, however, definitely did not disappoint. The shepherd's pie looked like my school's cafeteria food (thumbs down), but was reminiscent of a hearty grandma's homecooked meal. The meat pie's presentation, on the other hand, was significantly better and had the perfect ratio of flaky crust to savoury meat filling.


Dinner- Le Laptin Saute

Tired and famished from all the walking, I was craving for some hearty, fatty, and filling dish. There comes Le Laptin Saute- a restaurant that specializes in Quebec cuisine consisting of rabbit and duck meat. The duck & rabbit tasting platter consisted of duck & rabbit meat, terrine, foie gras, and hazelnut raisin bread. The duck was flavorful, tender, and roasted to perfection but the rabbit was on the blander side. Nevertheless, the rest of the platter, consisting of fatty foie gras, juicy duck terrine, and perfectly toasted bread, was out of this world!! I can actually eat foie gras & duck terrine over bread any time (rip chloestrol).


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