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Breakfast for Brunch

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I can never get tired of any breakfast food, especially sugary ones such as milk & cereal, pancakes, french toast, pastries...although I'm no longer a kid (jks I'm always one) and heavily lactose intolerant. I can literally snack on dry cereal/granola all day long! With this love for breakfast foods in mind, I called up some friends to explore some of the top brunch places known for their breakfast-focused dishes.

(Note: all pics are in a slideshow format, click on the right arrow for more pics!)


Jethro's Fine Grub

This restaurant is known for their humongous portions, long lines, and all day breakfasts! (UPDATE IT CLOSED DOWN RIP). We got the frosted flakes blueberry cereal pancakes, of course. They may look small in pictures but in real life they were literally the size of a pizza, enough to feed 5+ people! Soft, fluffy, and sweet as expected, I immediately fell into delicious sugary paradise as I dive into this heavenly combo of carbs and carbs and carbs. In an effort to be somewhat healthy, we also got a side of crab cake benedict to balance out our sugar crash. This tasted extremely average, but nevertheless served as a good savory balance to those pancakes.


Brunch Affair (food event)

I saw this event on my Facebook feed and immediately knew I had to go. There were several stalls selling small sizes of their best selling dishes so you can sample as much as you can.

The star of the show were these pancakes drizzed with dulce de leche & topped with bananas, olive oil, and basil. Although I was initially expecting a normal sugary pancake, which of course I liked, it turned out to be much more complex- a delectable combination of sweet, savory, and herbal tones, that kept me eating until the very last bite.

Another item that stood out was the mini breakfast sliders. It was basically a refined breakfast sandwich consisting of soft brioche buns, fluffy & tender eggs, fresh arugula, and sliced tomatoes. I'm usually not a fan of arugula but this time it surprisingly complemented the other components so well. Guess this is a sign for me to eat more vegs!


The Ellis

This frosted flakes french toast was another dish that appeared on my Facebook feed. Even the sight of it gave me a food-gasm because it consisted of all my favorites in one dish- cereal, french toast, yogurt, granola...what's better?

The actual dish consisted of french toast covered in frosted flakes then deep fried, topped with yogurt, granola, berries, with a side of peanut butter mousse. The first bite instantly took me to sugar and fat and calorie heaven!!! One of my favorite part was the peanut butter mousse that was extremely light and airy but still retained the peanut butter richness. In short, everything was 1000% worth the huge sugar crash afterwards. In an attempt to alleviate my migraines, I got a side of refreshing fruit cocktail (note the word attempt), but of course it did not help at all haha.


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